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Our free-flowing, all-natural American Artesian Spring Water originates from an untouched, deep aquifer. Through a crack in the Ozark Highland bedrock, underground pressure naturally propels the water vertically up to the surface. Unlike wells that require a pump, this process of extraction is eco-friendly. Other spring sources from caves, sinkholes or low areas of seepage can become contaminated. By virtue of the aquifer’s depth and vertical rise, our water is naturally protected from external impurities.

Layers of ancient limestone bedrock naturally filter and purify the water as it percolates to the deep aquifer. During this process, the water organically collects minerals and electrolytes essential to good health and hydration. This naturally occurring, authentically American composition creates our spring water’s refreshingly smooth, crisp taste.


Water is an essential ingredient for life and nature’s most important nutrient. It is vital to health. The water you drink matters, but not all bottled water is equal. We deliver American sourced spring water in its most natural state. It not only tastes incredible and quenches your thirst, but our spring water adds additional health benefits as well. Life requires water, so make it the best!


A pH of greater than 7 is alkaline (basic) and less than 7 is acidic. Our spring water’s unique composition has a naturally optimal pH. It contains alkalinizing minerals, such as calcium, potassium and magnesium carbonate which are noted to have antioxidant properties. While each individual has unique health needs, alkaline water is always soothing to our bodies as a whole, as it assists in neutralizing acids and balancing our pH.

& pH

"Electrolytes are particles that have a positive or negative electrical charge. In the body, electrolytes refer to essential minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium."

(Jonathan Waitman, MD - New York Presbyterian Hospital)

When diluted in water, electrolytes are elements that direct electricity in the body. They are a crucial component for health, as adequate electrolytes are vital for your body to function at a basic level. Electrolytes regulate muscle and nerve function, pH levels and hydration, and they assist in rebuilding damaged tissue. This is why our spring water quenches your thirst.


It’s all in the science. Artesian Spring Water provides the body with a superior, natural level of hydration. Through advancing absorption, our unique combination of naturally occurring alkalinity, essential electrolytes and minerals organically replenish and hydrate the body more quickly than other water types. We provide pure water you can trust for reaching your hydration goals to live your best life.

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