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Our overarching mission is for your bottled water to remain as pristine and unaltered as that which flows directly from our spring. H2O Technologies performs a multistep process to guarantee the excellence of our water. We are committed to meeting the highest safety standards. As a single source spring, the taste profile and properties of our bottled water always remain consistent. We ensure quality while protecting the purity of the water by utilizing state of the art Crossfire Ultra Violet Technology, Multistep Filtration and Ozonation. In using these methods (rather than chlorination or reverse osmosis), the taste and healthy mineral contents remain intact. From nature to the bottle, our water is 100% chemical free.

We are an FDA-registered and inspected bottling company, adhering to all necessary Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulations, testing, and health and safety protocols. Our spring source has been tested and approved for bottling by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the State’s Regulatory Agency: The Department of Health and Senior Services.

For more information view our WATER QUALITY REPORTS.

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